Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Raszia & Rachna Maurya on Rakhi Split

Rakhi Sawant is back making news for her split with boyfriend Abhishek. We have already covered exclusive interview of Rakhi explaining it all. Now upcoming ladies from bollywood are speaking on this real or fake splitsvilla.

Model and upcoming actress Raszia said that the media should not give so much importance to the Rakhi-Abhishek breakup. "There are many more important issues in our country. So much precious space is devoted to such trivial matters."

Actress and item queen Rachna Maurya, whose music videos like Desi Soda Whiskey and Sukhbir's Tere Naal Nachna are a big craze with youngsters in Canada, Australia and the entire European region also opined that the Rakhi-Abhishek split episode is like a soap on TV. "Rakhi is a pro at creating such drama". [via Frank Franklyn - Futuristic Media Network]

Looks like no one cant believe on Rakhi Sawant split. Atleast hotties above for sure CANT believe and it looks all media hype setup!


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