Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rakhi Sawant Splits & Ditched interview

Rakhi Sawant aka drama queen is back in news. This time she isn't talking about any item song, reality show but about her BF Abhishek Avasthi - who ditched her! Here is exclusive upclose interview with Rakhi.

While blaming Abhishek for causing her so much pain, she also spoke well about the alleged new woman in his life – the gorgeous, sexy and glamourous Shradha Sharma. She empathized with Shradha and wished her well. Here goes:

Tell us about your Yash Raj movie? What is the kind of role that you play?
I am really sorry, but my contract forbids me from speaking anything at all about the movie. They have given me a water-tight contract; I can't breathe a word about it. But I was busy shooting for the last two months for the movie. I shot for almost 40-45 days. I have a substantial role in the movie with Shahid and Rani.

Your bete noire Sherlyn Chopra is also in the film?
I think she is doing an item song in that film. I am not sure. I also heard that she has been dropped. I am not sure at all. You must ask Yash Raj about it. I am not her spokesperson or PRO.

Tell us about your Reality Shows?
I am doing Yeh hein Jalwa. The first one I won, this is the second season. I am busy shooting for that. I am doing that show with Mika.

Since you are shooting with Mika you must have a lot of bodyguards around you?
Yes we both have bodyguards. He has five and I have ten. Because each of his bodyguards equals two of mine in size.

Tell us something about your break up with Abhishek?
Yes I have broken off with him. I am now single. And I think I am better off being single.

So do you have a new man in your life?
No, No, I don't want any man in my life unless of course he is ready to marry me. In case I have any one in my life, the first thing I am going to do is ask him if he is ready to marry me immediately. I don't want to have any more relationships unless it's for ever and ends in marriage.

And do you know anything about Abhishek's new girl friend?
I do not know much, but I read somewhere that he is having an affair with Shradha Sharma. I knew that they were good friends. Both of them were part of Mika's dance group. In fact they were even together in Delhi when Shradha was a side dancer. I am surprised that Abhishek is seeing her because I know she cannot be serious about him.

What do you mean?
Shradha is a sexy, good-looking girl and Abhishek is not her type. She will use Abhishek and then dump him in the same fashion that Abhishek dumped me. In fact, I wish him all the best if he is dating Shradha. He will get tit-for-tat. He will get from Shradha what he did to me. He ditched me. When I asked him for marriage, he refused to marry me.

But why are you insisting on marriage with Abhishek? You could have been together for some more time, maybe a few more years?
Well, we have been together for almost four years now and I felt it was time to get married. I wanted to get serious with him. But he was not willing to marry me.

So you think Abhishek's relationship with Shradha will not last?
Firstly, I am not sure if there is any relationship at all. Shradha is a very ambitious girl. She is also good looking and hot. I don't think even if they are having an affair it will last very long. Abhishek will be dumped by her very soon. I am surprised to know that they are having an affair. Because I know that Shradha was earlier dating a television actor from the Ekta Kapoor stable. She had a long relationship with him.

Why do you think your relationship with Abhishek didn't work out?
I gave Abhishek my mind, body, soul, money, contacts everything. I bought him a bike as a gift. Helped him financially whenever he needed help. Went out of my way to help him get work and publicity. He would answer all my calls. My personal phone and all my financial details were with him. Yes he was initially very devoted to me, but now he has completely changed. Money and fame have changed him. He was nobody when he came to me. No one knew him. Had you heard his name then? Today every journalist knows Abhishek because of me. Today I have had to block my personal phone number which I was using for the last five years. I don't want him answering my calls anymore.

So are you gunning for revenge?
No. I will not do anything. But I pray that God will teach him a lesson. For me, my revenge will be taken by my God. I hope that Shradha uses him and dumps him. In fact, I will advise her to use him and then dump him. He deserves that. He deserves to be taught a good lesson.

But Shradha's Media Manager Flynn Remedios has denied that there is any relationship. He also issued a press statement. What is the truth?
I do not know about that. But even on 14th Feb, Valentine's Day, I think Abhishek was meeting some other woman. Knowing Shradha, I don't think she will fall for Abhishek, but even if there is something going on between them, I pray that Abhishek gets tit-for-tat.

Ummm... Rakhi Sawant Showz continues! [by Sam Kumar Shukla]


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