Sunday, November 30, 2008

Raszia don't mind taking it OFF...

The dare-to-bare, steamy actress Raszia who is already doing about five regional films in the South declared at the Film Festival in Goa that "she doesn't mind posing nude". She is already a well-known model and has done numerous campaigns and assignments both for Indian and International brands.

She is also a fantastic stage performer and dancer and her stage shows are a big hit in the Gulf and European region. She has performed with some of Bollywood's biggest names in UK, Canada and the US. "I don't mind doing hot, steamy scenes or kissing scenes. I also don't mind doing nude or semi nude scenes, provided it's a big, recognizable banner I am working for.

I am an actor and if the script demands it and the director or the production house is reputed, I will do anything that is required," said Raszia while responding to a query by a journalist about the crossover film she is doing.

According to her Business Manager and publicist, Flynn Remedios, Raszia has been signed on for a crossover film by a US-based start-up production house called Purple Fire Films. "In this film Raszia will be seen in an itsy-bitsy bikini. The film also has some red-hot love-making bedroom scenes which will be very artistically and delicately shot. Most of the film will be shot in an exotic beach locale in the USA," explained Flynn Remedios. [By Frank Franklyn – FUTURISTIC MEDIA NETWORK]

Our Take: Good catchline to get in news, even we are writing, duh!


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