Sunday, November 30, 2008

No more JET fire for Shradha Sharma

This is follow up on Shradha Sharma's air humiliation on Jet airways flight. Well, she has vowed never to fly Jet Airways again. She has also fired her secretary for booking her on a Jetlite flight from Delhi to Mumbai last week wherein her belongings worth Rs 3 lakh were stolen by airline loaders.

Her Media Manager and publicist Flynn Remedios confirmed that her secretary Manoj Singh who was handling her bookings and schedule till recently was told to pack his bags, because he disobeyed Shradha's instructions.Shradha who literally lives out of her suitcase, given the fact that she is doing two stage shows a week had given standing instructions to her secretary to only book her on either Kingfisher Airlines or Jet Airways.

However, Singh went ahead and booked her on the ill-fated Jetlite (formely Sahara Airlines) flight where her baggage, jewellery and cash worth Rs 3 lakh was stolen by some Jetlite employees. Two persons have been arrested by the Palam Airport Police in this case after Shradha registered an FIR. "I would fly Kingfisher Airlines or Jet Airways only because I was assured of their quality of service. Now I have decided not to fly Jet anymore because of the pathetic attitude of their staff," she said.

Shradha Sharma has vowed never to fly Jet Airways or Jetlite again, says Flynn Remedios. According to Shradha Sharma, "The police have arrested two Jetlite loaders including the X-Ray machine supervisor who saw the cash and valuables in her bag when her suitcase was being screened and tipped off another loader to break open her bag and steal it. The fact that two employees were arrested and my bag recovered from them proves that Jetlite staffers or employees were involved. My bag, car keys, credit cards and camera has been recovered from the arrested persons. Jetlite should have immediately compensated me for the cash which was stolen, but they haven't done so. They first denied that anything was amiss, in spite of noting that two kilos was less in my bag when it reached Mumbai airport. Now the involvement of their employees has been proved beyond doubt and the airline should have immediately compensated me.

Shradha was to travel to Hyderabad the next day for a stage show. Due to this incident she had to cancel her performance, resulting in an additional loss of Rs. Two lakh for the actress who has vowed never to travel by Jet Airways or Jetlite again.[By Frank Franklyn – FUTURISTIC MEDIA NETWORK]


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