Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shweta Bharadwaj & dropping clothes ?

Shweta Bharadwaj has perfect body being a former Gladrags model. So, what does she think about exposure and dropping clothes? She doesn't believe that exposure makes an actor a great or successful star. Talent and skill are the defining factors that count in the long run, she thinks.

Shweta adds, "... Madhuri Dixit didn't have the best or sexiest body, but she was still a super star. Having a good body is important, but actresses like Tabu, Kajol or Rani are known purely for their talent and not necessarily for their bodies. There is definitely scope for good artistes in Bollywood."

According to her, dropping ones clothes doesn't necessarily make an actor hot or sexy. "An actor has to be versatile. She should be able to look different things at different times – not just hot or wild all the time. A very sexy actor with a great body should also be able to carry off a non-glamorous or subdued role."

There is more... Priyanka Chopra in Fashion didn't necessarily look like a super model, but she pulled off her character brilliantly, Shweta explains, adding that a good actor need not just drop her clothes to get roles. She could also cut her price in half or make herself more affordable if she feels the project is good.

Shweta herself who was seen in very revealing clothes in a song for Loot featuring Govinda, Javed Jaffery and Suneil Shetty doesn't mind dropping her clothes for a good project. "As a model, I have worn bikinis and swim wear. But that doesn't mean that I will drop my clothes at the drop of a hat," she adds. By Flynn Remedios – FUTURISTIC MEDIA NETWORK [Shweta South Sizzle]


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