Thursday, December 4, 2008

40 kissing scenes for Shradha, Naa...

Shradha Sharma has some very revealing scenes in the film and is completely nude in one frame. There are about 40 kissing scenes and about 5 love making scenes and was cast as a nymphomanic, breaking all records of Mallika Sherawat.

This is according to a report that appeared in a Tamil newspaper. But Shradha herself doesnot know about all this happening around. Both Shradha Sharma and her publicist Flynn Remedios have vehemently denied these news reports. "Yes I am doing two south films, but I never said I was going to pose nude in any of them," Shradha retorted.

"It may be a case of mistaken identity and Shradha's photograph was wrongly associated with the report," said Flynn Remedios, adding that they were waiting for a copy of the newspaper to decide about defamatory action. [By Sia Jaiswal – FUTURISTIC MEDIA NETWORK]


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