Sunday, January 4, 2009

Introducing Shubh in Bollywood Aasma

We have already seen cute looking Naheed Cyrusi from upcoming movie 'Aasma'. Movie has all new debut male lead 'Subh' trying to find same space in bollywood Aasma. Nothing comes free and nothing comes easy.

If we all heard of stories on 'dreaming big' and 'dreaming early', it came naturally to Shubh at 13, in his high-school days. But what followed was a 'grill' that was needed to convert the dream to reality. A 10-year long journey of an aspirant school-kid to a debutant in Bollywood was filled experiences which most of us would like to shy away from. - scorn, lack of support, disbelief, jealousy and a general lack of cooperation from almost every corner.

“All I had was a blind supportive family beside my body, mind and soul. I have learnt to travel any distance and I know how to face any mountain of resistance now”, says a simple, youthful and vibrant Shubh. An computer science engineer by his first degree, he has relentlessly chased his passion to enter the world of mainstream entertainment by his own grit and innovation.

Shubh has been a Dance instructor with Shaimak Davar’s academy for 4 years. At 13 when most boys are into video games, he wrote, acted and directed his first short film ‘Brown sugar’ which won numerous accolades in various film festivals. Now comes big bollywood debut with movie 'Aasma'. Lets see how movie opens!


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