Monday, December 29, 2008

Shradha not HOT enough for Marriott Hotel

Strange things happens and here is another one - Shradha Sharma was denied entry into JW Marriott Hotel because of her slippers. Sources say that Shradha had finished some shopping around Juhu for her New Year's performance and wanted to have her regular juice and sandwich at the BBC restaurant @ JW Marriott.

She was wearing her shorts and a T-shirt and slippers. Says Shradha, "I was wearing designer slippers that I had purchased in Milan. I had paid about Rs 3000/- for them. They are very comfortable and as I have been rehearsing all day my legs were hurting. I never expected the Marriott security to equate designer sandals as ordinary slippers."

According to a senior Marriott official who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, the Hotel has a strict dress code. "This is to protect the privacy of our international clientele and ensure that the Juhu-beach crowd doesn't walk in. Unfortunately, Shradha Sharma who is our regular guest was mistaken for someone else by an over-zealous security that has been on high alert since the terror strike in Mumbai. It was a mistake," he said.

Shradha's publicist and Media Manager, Flynn Remedios confirmed this incident happened. However, he said that Shradha didn't want to register a formal complaint with the Marriott management against the discrimination or harassment by the security guards. The hotel refused to comment officially on the incident. [By Frank Franklyn]


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