Monday, December 1, 2008

Kaveri Jha, hot Village babe - huh?

The sexy and vivacious Kaveri Jha who was last seen in Hijack opposite Shiney Ahuja was mistaken for a farm hand and villager in Ooty and even reprimanded asked to "get to work quickly".

In Kaveri own words, "Around mid-November, I was shooting in the fields of Ooty for a Tamil movie. My costumes and the outfit I was wearing were so natural and looked real, like any of the women working in the fields nearby. During a break in the shoot, I went for a walk to breathe some fresh air. I was walking around some fields when a farm supervisor or 'mukadam' approached me and almost rebuked me in Tamil."

"I didn't understand much but it was quite clear that he was scolding me for not working and rambling around. Initially, I didn't know how to react and just stood still. It took him a full five minutes to realize that I was an actress and not a local."

Apparently, Kaveri's crew and unit hands particularly the locals had a hearty laugh at her expense when she narrated the incident. The joke went on for a few days and spawned many other jokes all on Kaveri who was embarrassed but laughed it off.

Kaveri is doing a film with Priyadarshan called Bum Bum Bole which is an adaptation of the hit Iranian film 'Children of Heaven'. She is also working on her fourth Telugu film project and is a big hit in the south. She is shooting almost 24 X 7 x 25 for her south films and has a couple of big Hindi film projects in the pipe line. [By Frank Franklyn – FUTURISTIC MEDIA NETWORK]


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