Saturday, December 20, 2008

Billu Barbar, First Look preview & pics

Movie Billu Barbar narrates simple story of Shahrukh and Irfan Khan spiced up with loads of item numbers from Kareena, Deepika and Priyanka. Here goes the story, Billo (Irfan Khan) plays a village barber. His business is running low because he has not been able to upgrade himself according to the changing trends.

One fine day, a film unit visits his village to shoot a movie. It stars a superstar (Shahrukh Khan), who was once Billo's school friend. All at once, Billo's status in the village changes, and he becomes highly respected. Everyone wants him to meet the superstar.

But Billo is unsure, as he feels he cannot compare to the superstar's status. Besides, he fears that the star may not recognize him. He makes many attempts to meet the star but fails. After all these hardships, he gives up. But people think that he lied about the relationship with the star and start insulting him. His family and children also gets upset.

In the end, for an invited school function, the star reveals his past. He tells the audience that in his school days he had a friend who always stood by him in his hardships. He tells how much the friend helped him by providing food when he was hungry, provided clothes when he did not having any.

He tells that the friend gave him the money to join acting by selling his ancestral ear ring and that friend happens to be Billo. At that time the people recognize about Billo and the movie happily ends. [via: Eros]


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