Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rachna Maurya Hot photos & Proposals !

Actress and super dancer, Rachna Maurya's music videos are such a big hit in places like Canada, Holland, and even in the UK that the poor girl has a tough time fending off marriage proposals.

According to her Media Manager and publicist, Flynn Remedios, Rachna is inundated with phone calls and emails proposing marriage. "I get about a hundred-odd calls each month proposing marriage from my fans in countries like Canada, the UK and some parts of Europe. Sometimes, I have grandmothers calling on behalf of their sons and sometimes it's the parents. I have changed my cell number several times, but they still manage to get through somehow or the other," says an exasperated Rachna.

"Most of the callers are polite and haven't been rude or vulgar. Rachna has learnt some tricks of the trade. She manages to fend off the callers politely without being discourteous to her fans and admirers but it is still a time-waster for the busy actress," said Flynn Remedios.

About a month ago, Rachna was in a spot when a 20-something youth walked into a radio station in Amsterdam and proposed to the bollywood siren. Rachna was forced to lie through her teeth to get the chap out of the Radio station and avoid the police getting into the picture. [By Frank Franklyn – Futuristic Media Network]


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