Monday, November 17, 2008

Dostana, behind the Scene Sizzle Pics

Dostana is rocking box office world over. While we have already seen glitz and gloss of its on-screen sequences - here is something hatke for you. Checkout exclusive 'behind the scene' image featuring the lead trio.

Priyanka Chopra look hot in shorts and seem to have lot of fun with Abhishek and John - checkout. [John Behind the Scenes]


Anonymous said...

mind blowing beauty of Priyanka

Anonymous said...

I have de hottest news about Priyanka Chopra. It appears that she is from royal blood. The council of Starwatchers ( has checked her out and they have come to the conclusion that Priyanka Chopra carries the blood of one of the oldest royal families in the history. The Council also announced that the true partner of Priyanka is not Harman but…..eeeh….no one else then the Prince of Persia. Sources tell that the Prince is currently not living in Persia, but somewhere in Europe. The Council has wrote Priyanka a letter in which they have explained everything to her about The legend of the Prince of Persia, and here destiny as his Princess. Check out and read everything about the legend. There is also a lot of archeological (etc) proof there. According to some sources, Priyanka and Harman had a huge fight just after that Priyanka had resaved the letter from the Council. We all know that the relationship between Priyanka and Harman isn’t going well at all. After that Priyanka and Harman have broken up (for the second time) they have just recently got back together. Friends of Priyanka say that her biggest problem with Herman is the fact that he’s not man enough: you know, because he’s so clumsy to lose his mobile phone with intimate pictures of Priyanka; for not being able to by here a descent birthday gift (honestly, it is kind of weak if a man can’t even make such a decision!); for letting flop every movie that he plays in; and we can all still remember the headlines of 2007 “Poor Harman tries to satisfy the needs of Priyanka but the glam dolls is eying more than what her current man can offer”. Herman finely knows why he can’t satisfy (Princess) Priyanka. In one of their fights he has apparently said to Priyanka “you have always behaved like a Princess, and you didn’t even knew that you are one. Now that you now, it’ll be impossible for me to satisfy you, your highness.” Poor Herman, it isn’t easy to be a third rank actor, a loser, not wealthy enough (at least not for Priyanka), and so on. At least now we know why Priyanka and Herman have broken up (for more then once) and why Miss Priyanka has such a high demands if it comes to men. By the way….I don’t know yet if the Council have contacted the ‘Prince’ (who ever he may be). As soon as I’ve found it out, I’ll share it with you. Check also It is kind of interesting. You can also email them for more information. I think they’ll answer you. One last thing. Priyanka had a tuff year (Love Story 2050, Drona and Chamku, all flapped and she had also problems in here private life; the illness of here father for example). If you read the legend on you’ll understand why.

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