Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bigg Boss party before blasts, In images

What started out with a bang, ended with a 'blast'. When Zulfi Syed invited his friends of 'Bigg Boss' at a suburban five-star hotel on Wednesday to celebrate the completion of the reality show, little did he know that the celebrations would be thrown off gear because of a development so big, it would shatter the entire Mumbai city.

As guests including Rahul Mahajan, Raja Choudhary, Rakhi Vijan, Shawar Ali and others started coming in and celebrating, news that "there has been some firing in South Mumbai" started pouring in from media reporters present at the event. Oblivious to the scale of the issue, the party went on – till a deafening blast nearby the hotel, shook everyone up.

Zulfi consulted his publicist Dale Bhagwagar who called a few TV media guys who had rushed out to cover what they had heard. They had found out that a taxi had exploded just two buildings away near the domestic airport, and some people were blown to shreds on the road.

The publicist then called his friends covering crime beat and found out the magnanimity of the situation in South Mumbai too. He asked Zulfi to stop all celebrations and explained the situation to a shaken and jittery Rahul Mahajan, who was refusing to believe what he heard.

Zulfi then requested everyone to stay back in the hotel for a few hours till the situation outside calmed down. He then SMS'd all the other invitees who were yet to come in, requesting them to head back home. What had begun with a lot of sparkle had ended with jitters.[via Dale Bhagwagar Media Group]


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